Recruitment Process Outsourcing –RPO by BMS Consulting Services

Making it simple and cost-effective for businesses to recruit workforce, the recruitment process outsourcing services by BMS consulting services provide a healthy outsourcing structure to businesses of any sector or size, keeping out any complexity in hiring. We enable our business clients to engage a number of candidates and efficiently screen them for making the correct placement. Our RPO services can be sought for the entire enterprise, for specific projects and processes and to fulfill a seasonal or specific demand.

Fulfilling Client Specific RPO Requirements

The BMS consulting services team works to observe and analyze a client’s recruitment needs. Accordingly, we offer full-fledged, contractual, direct hiring and temporary staffing. If it’s not outsourcing of recruitment process but only consultation that you’re seeking, we can step in for that as well.

Furthermore, we support our business clients through each rung of the recruitment procedure. We can provide specialist team managers who expertly identify the cream of talented working professionals and guide the client in the technicalities of recruitment. We have an existing database of candidates and constantly update it for keeping abreast of placement trends.

What We Do

We don’t just search, screen and recruit we also perform the requisite background checks on job seekers, making sure they are suited to work in the corporate environment of the client’s business setup.

In context to candidates, our key services are:

  • CV sourcing: We monitor job placement sites, networks, search engines and actively working candidates, etc for sourcing and selection of job candidates.
  • End-to-End: We discuss career requirement and job descriptions with the candidates and conduct preliminary screening, going through suitability for temporary and permanent recruitment.
  • Salary negotiation and facilitating the post recruitment process: In coordination with the employer and the candidate we bargain for both ends helping arrive at a salary package agreeable to the candidate and company. All paperwork and post interview formalities are managed by us.
  • Contractual hiring for employers: When recruiters hire contractual staff we take the HR responsibility on their behalf, hiring the candidates as our employees.
  • Background checks: This helps us know the candidate, his credentials, any drug or criminal activity background, taxation records, professional reputation etc.
  • Compliance: In specific projects or processes if the contractual staff needs to be trained for certain skills, we can organize/conduct the training! We ensure that employees are compliant and their own paperwork including insurance is up-to-date.
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