Recruitment Services: What We Do!

Recruitment services by BMS consulting services are a strong backbone of many a business and industry. Not only do we offer HR consultation for recruitment, we bring the ideal candidates to your doorstep without much hassle. Walking with the client through the process of placement we also conduct interviews, shortlist candidates, analyze client requirements, and even manage the hire-payroll process. Taxation and formation of credential policies, procedures and quality assurance are overseen by the BMS consulting team. Different sectors are dealt with by different account managers who help professionals and businesses walk toward each other for meaningful and engaging recruitment.

Exploring Recruitment Options

Contractual hiring has always been an easy option for companies and with time contractual hiring has become a lucrative and preferable recruitment path for candidates and recruiters alike. It suits a lot of technical experts to be hired for a particular project or short term before moving onto another. The demand for skilled experts who are flexible and agree to traveling around for their niche services has grown immensely off late. The recruitment services by BMS consulting helps monitor new talent and reach them through referrals, search, advertising etc.

With our sector-by-sector HR outreach we also hunt for recruiters, potential candidates for permanent recruitment, keeping into mind the human resources the hiring company seeks to hire. Both the active and non-visible candidates are tapped for temporary staffing or permanent recruitment.

Accounting, IT and More!

The BMS consulting services team help recruiters reach the right accounting workforce in the industry. It works to analyze candidate profile and pick the right people for different accounting jobs. Based on a client’s business setup accounting professionals including payroll experts, biller, collections and accounts payable/ receivable experts etc are hired.

Apart from this we offer recruitment in taxation, IT sector healthcare and pharmaceutical, science and research, financial services, environmental, automotive, construction and administrative services.

Reach & Network

Over the years, BMS consulting services has created a robust network and developed a strong business relationship with corporate clients and professionals in different sectors. We simply deliver results!

Our reach is rapidly expanding and we work diligently to get you the best deals irrespective of whichever side of the recruitment process you’re on. Our database system of business clients and candidates connects the best suitors with the right job opportunity. Smart analytics help us identify potential candidates quick and our account managers and HR team pursues them for recruitment right away.