Explore the Gamut of IT Services by BMS Consulting Services

BMS consulting services offer prime consultation and services to IT companies and businesses needing a robust IT structure.  Here too our services are double-ended. On one hand we liaison with technical personnel and hire them, on other we help businesses to build and upgrade their information technology platform and internet presence according to their business goals. We design, monitor and upgrade various IT services for our client. For talented IT professionals we are a great platform to stay updated on and approach the opportunities in the horizon.

Custom IT Solutions

In terms of manpower management, we develop customized IT solutions for smooth functioning of computer systems and IT set up of different industries. We hire the best workforce from IT sector engaged in different specialties and get them working on a client’s IT needs. Our IT service network covers sectors like healthcare, infrastructure, real estate, automotive, construction, pharmaceutical, energy etc.  For this we take the pain to gauge the industry’s needs and latest technological standards.

The Range of IT Services

Our IT service mix covers all aspects where information technology is operationally required. This includes accounting, applications and project management, also covering up crucial factors like infrastructure and support. Clearly we don’t just help companies look for IT professionals to hire, we get everything done, right from their payroll and inventory management to working along with the company to design a cost effective infrastructure and a technological vehicle to launch and manage their services and business from. All along we support and troubleshoot IT issues of the client.

Our Strengths

At BMS Consulting Services we work round the clock with the corporate client and IT professionals. Our biggest strength is the trust we enjoy amid both ends.

We specialize in

  • Contract IT jobs that can be taken up for temporary period of employment
  • Sound legal support for facilitation of contractual IT recruitment
  • A simple and quick website design allowing IT professionals to hunt directly for correct opportunity and recruiters
  • Reviewing client’s existing IT setup and creating reports to identify gaps and mistakes
  • Designing tailor-made IT solution and providing necessary team to execute it
  • Integrating application changes into the existing B2B framework of client
  • A strong meaningful two-way communication between the employer and the employed
  • Facilitating salary negotiations for IT experts
  • Negotiating partnerships between IT firms and corporate clients for I/T outsourcing




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