About BMS Consulting Services

BMS consulting services is a leading recruitment, HR training and management services firm that works on the B2B and HR and recruitment outsourcing model for providing different services through a range of professional fields and sectors.

Our Approach

With a vision to provide the best in industry in terms of human resources and technological support we work on a multi-pronged approach for delivering our core values of research, reach, efficiency and trust. Our working style is efficient and practical and we maintain a transparent system for projecting job opportunities and candidates.

Recruitment & Outsourcing Recruitment Process

Recruitment and consultancy remain our prime area of focus. We provide permanent and temporary staffing services to our clients. A recruiter can hire us to oversee a placement drive completely while remaining in control of decision making. If you don’t want to hire us directly for recruitment we can help you locate experts who can, through our recruitment process outsourcing that optimizes costs and recruits through well developed analytics. Such outsourcing can happen for managing processes, projects, analyzing scope and requirement and according to industry specific factors.

A Diverse Reach

BMS consultancy services can be hired for and by different sectors. From e-commerce, pharma, manufacturing, healthcare, taxation, IT services to- you name it- we are everywhere! We have a dedicated team of HR and technical experts to look into each sector and work with tangible metrics to make an impact on company performance and quality of workforce hired. We also offer a strong insight into the hiring market for job seeking professionals helping them mark their niche in their professional fields.

Providing Different Services

We have tirelessly worked to offer our services to both offline and online market players, delivering a customized solution to their problems. Some of our focal areas include: risk management, business planning, taxation, accumulation and estate planning. With our database of job candidates we help our clients process successful hiring of permanent employees for middle and senior positions.

The BMS consulting services team designs and executes complete IT solutions for corporate clients and individuals. Furthermore it goes into skills training of candidates and employed professionals keeping them abreast of industry developments.

The BMS Consulting Services Advantage

Hiring us translates into maintaining a competitive edge in the industry for recruiters. Employing the best of industry standards BMS consulting services ensures a cost-efficient quality. We are communicative and available for support and consultation round-the-clock and guide candidates through all steps of placement.

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